"An exclusive 1-Day seminar in London that will disclose for the first time the secrets of how YOU can make an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE on Amazon!"


Whether you have any experience of making money online or not is irrelevant, this one-off event is a MUST! If you do just one thing in 2012, attend this seminar...

My name is Rick McMunn and for those of you who don't know me I am one of the UK's most successful publishers and online Amazon entrepreneurs. Since selling my first product I have gone on to make an ABSOLUTE fortune on the internet, and in particular on Amazon.co.uk.


Listen to just some of the AWESOME feedback from my Amazon training seminar:

It seems only like yesterday that I was serving as a Firefighter at Maidstone Fire Station, struggling to pay the bills and meet my rent. However, things changed for me a few years ago when I heard that a friend of mine (Simon Coulson) was making 7 figures EVERY year from selling information products online. I thought to myself: "I need to be in on this action", and that's exactly what I did.


I basically left school with 3 lousy GCSE's and decided to join the Royal Navy to get a bit of experience in life. After spending 4 years on-board HMS Invincible I decided to join the Fire Service in Kent. It was a fantastic career, as you can imagine, but there was just one problem... I was always skint!

Like many people nowadays I was taking home less than £1,000 per month and it was very difficult to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head. I was, in fact, a regular customer at the 'Cash til payday' shop in Maidstone High Street. Ashamed as I am, I was in that shop every month, two weeks after payday, cashing cheques to make ends meet. It was a never-ending circle and a routine I thought that i'd never break free from.

Although I had a fairly well-paid job in the Fire Service, things were tough. I can remember spending hours and hours studying for my Fire Service promotion exams in the back room of my terraced house which was located in Chillington Street, Maidstone. I'd spend weeks on end studying, all for a promotion that would only actually give me an extra £3,000 a year!

Here's a picture of me working as a Firefighter before I took the decision to change my life:


A few years back I was presented with an opportunity to change my life and turn things around. Simon Coulson had just left his full-time job with BT and had started his own internet business. I found out that he was making a load of money every month on the internet, and I knew this was the chance for me to do the same.

I remember sitting at home in front of the TV and thinking to myself, if he can do it, then so can I. I then went onto my computer and started searching for opportunities on the internet to make money. Within a few minutes of searching i'd found a really special niche that I knew I could capitalise on - selling products online.

Now I'm not talking about your run-of-the-mill, poor quality products. I'm talking about high-demand, hot niche, high quality products that I know people will part with their cash for. Where do I sell these products? On Amazon!

I consistently bank 6 figure sums year in, year out on Amazon. Here's my sales figures to prove just how effective I am at making money on the internet and on Amazon:

The great thing about Amazon is it is FREE to sell from. Anyone can do it... and that includes you! I have become so effective at selling on Amazon that it is now my main source of profit.

Although I started out selling on my own website I now focus all of my efforts on selling products through Amazon. And here's the reason why...

You see, Amazon doesn't just lead the market in online sales, it absolutely SMASHES IT!! As I am sure you have been reading in the news lately, the High Street is all but dead. Shops are going bust left, right and centre. By the time Christmas has come and gone there'll be a whole host of other big name brands gone down the pan.

Many retail experts are openly blaming Amazon for the current problems the High Street is facing. My view is this: Yes Amazon is to blame (in part) for the problems the High Street faces, but it doesn't take a rocket-scientist to work out that savvy shoppers are going to choose 'price' and 'convenience' over a cold, winters shopping trip to the local High Street, where they'll have to pay extortionate parking fees, mix with the large crowds of people and also have to carry large heavy bags back to their car!

Who wouldn't want to sit in the comfort of their home and do their shopping online? I know what i'd rather do!

Amazon is literally leaving the High Street, and even other online retailers, behind. The following chart gives you an idea of how fast it is growing!

You can see from the chart above that Amazon's sales have grown by a massive 450% compared to other e-commerce sales and retail sales. This can only mean one thing - Amazon will continue to grow at unprecedented levels for many years to come and YOU need to be in on this action!

...Amazon's warehouse and packing staff will continue to be rushed off their feet:

I have seen my monthly sales grow EVERY MONTH since I started selling products on Amazon. It's a truly amazing feeling and I'm 100% certain this trend will continue. Although Amazon is dominating the online retail market right now, it still has many more years' growth left.

This means one thing - opportunity! As I am sure you are aware, opportunities don't come along often in life, so when they do, you want to grab them with both hands.

The roll-call of High Street casualties gets longer each day. The nation's High Streets, which once stood at the heart of the community and were a well-spring of entrepreneurship, are becoming cultural and social wastelands. Do not view this fact as doom and gloom. Instead, view it as a massive opportunity for you take action right now and start making a fortune on Amazon.

I am running an intensive 1-Day seminar at the Novotel, Heathrow in London. During this special seminar I am going to share my secrets and teach you how to make an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE on Amazon.

The seminar has been specifically designed to show you not only how to set up your Amazon business in just a few simple steps, but more importantly how to make high-end profits month-in, month-out.

I am living testimony to the online internet business phenomenon that is Amazon. In fact, I have made so much money by selling products on Amazon that I gave up my full time job as a Firefighter in 2009 to run my business full time. That's a far cry from just a few years back when I was studying hard for the £3k pay rise and when I was using the 'cash til payday' shops in my local High Street!

An exclusive 1-Day seminar with Rick McMunn on How To Make A Fortune on Amazon

This exclusive seminar is a one-off event... I will not be running this again. Therefore, when you meet me on the seminar, you are going to be exposed to some truly fantastic information. Here is a run-down of what I am going to cover on the day:

During the course I will teach you how to make and sell your own products on Amazon. At the current time I am selling over 150 of my own products on Amazon.co.uk and I will teach you the strategies I have used to sell massive quantities every day of the week. Before you make your own products, however, you must ensure that you implement my secret check-list. If you follow this I will guarantee that your products will sell like hotcakes.

What better way to make money online than by selling other peoples products! This method of selling is rapidly becoming one of the most utilised online strategies within the UK, and during the seminar I will teach how to get the most out of selling other peoples products. This method is both fast and hassle-free, simply because you don't have to create the product, ship it or deal with the customer. You simply act as the selling-agent on Amazon and they do the rest!

To begin with, I will explain how Amazon works and why it has become so successful. I have studied Amazon in detail, which is why I have been able to use its systems to make extensive profits every month of the year. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to get your Amazon sellers business up and running in no time at all.


During the second morning session of the seminar I am going to teach you how to research market areas within Amazon. I will teach you the EXACT method that I use to create products and sell them with devastating effect. The method I have used has literally wiped out some MAJOR competitors! You can copy this method and replicate my success.


Another great element to my success is that I have, and still do, create HOT SELLING PRODUCTS that I have no knowledge off or expertise in. During the morning I will go into detail about how I achieve this and how you can use this method without any prior knowledge whatsoever.


When you come on my seminar I have no doubt that you will want simple, easy-to-follow information that is going to enable you to make money FAST and without too much effort... am I correct? On the seminar I will make 100% certain that the information you receive can be followed with EASE!


Amazon's Kindle sales now outrank printed book sales. For every printed book Amazon sells, it sells twice as many ebooks! Amazon had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but they never imagined it would happen so quickly. Amazon has now been selling printed books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four years! This represents a fantastic opportunity that you MUST grasp with both hands. During the seminar I will teach you how to sell both your own ebooks and other peoples with great effect.

The following chart gives you some idea of the total ebook sales over the last few years:

As you can see from the above ebook sales graph, you HAVE TO SELL EBOOKS ON AMAZON!

I have learnt how to get my Kindle ebooks ranked VERY HIGH on Amazon. During the seminar I will disclose my tried-and-tested methods for getting consistently high-end ebooks sales on Amazon Kindle every single day!

Here's a snap shot of just one of my books ranking NUMBER 1 on Amazon:

If you ask those people who know me, and those people who have attended my previous internet business seminars, they will tell you how passionate I am about helping people to achieve their goals. I am in this business for one reason only - to help people. I promise you that you will find my seminar truly beneficial. If you don't, you can have your money back.

There are a whole host of reasons why you should come on this seminar. Here's just a few of the main benefits:

I will teach you how to dominate a product listing. I have outsold a large number of publishers and product sellers on Amazon by following a special secret method. During the seminar I will disclose my secret to dominating a listing.

On the seminar I will show you how to get top of a listing. If you are going to be successful on Amazon then you MUST learn how to get top of that listing. There are a number of strategies that I use every day to stay top of listings. During the seminar I will give you this information.

How to get your reviews increased. Genuine, positive reviews are very important on Amazon. However, there are pitfalls associated with getting the right reviews. I have many, many 4 and 5 star genuine reviews for the vast majority of my products. During the seminar I will tell how to you can get the right kind of reviews and how they will benefit your overall online Amazon selling business.

My insider tricks exposed. A major publisher and competitor of mine recently revealed in his quarterly newsletter that he was astonished at how aggressive the competition had become in his sector - he was referring to me! During the seminar I will reveal the secret tricks and tips that I use to literally wipe the floor with my competitors.

When I worked full-time as a Firefighter there were a number of key benefits. I got paid every month. I got annual leave every year. I got told what to do every day so I knew where I stood.

But, after a period of time in the same job I became extremely bored. I got fed up of being paid the same salary every month that wasn't enough to pay off my overdraft. I got the same amounts of annual leave every year and generally got told when I would have to take it, and quite frankly I became totally fed up with being told what to do.

When I started working for myself, and especially when I started selling on Amazon, things changed. I controlled everything. I got to pay myself what I wanted. I could work whenever I wanted and how often I wanted. I called the shots and no one else!

You see, there are untold benefits to running your own online Amazon selling business. Here's just a few examples of how working for myself has helped me tremendously:

Whilst not essential items, I do like my cars. I always dreamed of owning a Porsche and after 18 months of starting my online business I went out and purchased one.

I went out and bought a gorgeous silver 911 Carrera 2s. In my previous job I would have NEVER been able to do that.

I did actually own a house before I started my online business. It was a 2 bedroom terraced property in Maidstone and I still own it to this day. However, since then I have gone on to purchase numerous properties and I now own a million £ property portfolio.

OK, I have to admit, I'm not really a holiday person. I like to work and make the most of the opportunities that are available in the online Amazon selling business here today.

However, since starting my business I do manage to get a few holidays in a year. After all, when you work for yourself there's nobody to tell you what to do and when you need to take your holidays! Pure bliss...

One of the greatest elements of being a successful business owner is the fact that you get to do the things that you've always wanted. Whether that's going up in a hot air balloon, going away on an expensive holiday, buying a box at your favourite football club or even spending a luxury day at the races, the sky really is the limit!

Last year I decided to spend a day behind the scenes with my friend Simon Coulson at the British Grand Prix mixing with the drivers. Here I am with Mark Webber of the Red Bull Formula 1 team...

Amazon's market share is set to double. There's no two ways about it, Amazon will LEAD the market in online sales for many years to come. You MUST get on-board now before it's too late. Don't miss the boat!

I have learnt some tremendous insider tips on how to get the most out of Amazon. When you come on the course I will disclose EVERY secret that I know.

You do not need any prior experience of selling online. Amazon sets everything up for you. All you need is a coach and mentor to get started and to also pick the right products to sell. This is where I come in.

Probably the best thing about Amazon is they do everything for you, from fulfilment to customer queries. It really is the 'zero touch' business model we all strive for.

Within this first bonus CD ROM I will teach you the most effective way of making money through Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPad. This disc will back-up the information you have learnt during the seminar and will enable you to follow a simple step-by-step guide on how to make a fortune with eBooks on Kindle.This truly amazing step-by-step system on how I make tonnes of money using Amazon Kindle.

This is a completely laid out step-by-step money making strategy that I URGE you to use after the seminar...

The power of Amazon's search engine optimisation is basically why I make so much money. I have learnt over the last 2 years how to get the most out of this advantage. Within this DVD, which will come exclusive to you with Private Label Rights, I will teach you how to get your products on to the first page of Google. The disc is entitled 'How To Get On The First Page Of Google'.


During this DVD I will teach you a very powerful startegy of generating huge levels of traffic to your website. By generating and distributing articles you will be able to create high levels of traffic to your website. Any online business venture needs traffic, and this powerful DVD will tell you how to achieve that by targeted article marketing. This DVD comes complete with Master Resale Rights licence and artwork.


Within bonus disc 4 you will receive Powerful Internet Marketing Strategies Part 2. Within bonus disc 5 you will receive unlimited access to my private label rights products website. These are products that you can use and sell on Amazon Kindle. Don't forget, during the seminar I am going to teach you how to get ranked number #1 on Amazon for Kindle products.


At the end of the seminar I will supply you with a dossier of my Top Secret contacts within thid disc. These are the industry insiders and industry experts who have helped me to achieve the success that I have. These people are there to help you too. From top, award winning book designers through to kindle formatters and typesetters, you REALLY MUST HAVE THESE PEOPLE on you your side. Within the list of contact details I am also going to supply you with the details of some amazing ghost writers who will create work for you at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere. This bonus also is priceless!

So, when you attend the seminar you will receive the above six Bonus items, many of which will come with private label rights!

I'll let you into a secret... the next 3-5 years will see a MASSIVE BOOM in online sales of books, information products and goods in general on Amazon. In other words, the next .com boom is HERE. Unless you are on-board NOW and making money on Amazon then you are going to miss out on an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE.

In September 2011 I ran a 'How to become a best-selling published author' course in London. When you attend my Amazon seminar I will give you the entire course on DVD in addition to the other FREE bonuses that you will receive! This really is an offer too good to miss. This entire DVD set is worth £397 alone. Here's what each disc contains:

AN INTRODUCTION TO PUBLISHING BASICS - During the first DVD I will talk about my blueprint to success and how I have managed to sell over £2 Million worth of 'self-created' information products. The information I will teach you is highly inspiring, motivational and uplifting. Basically, if a former Firefighter with 3 GCSE's can become a millionaire, so can you!

HOW TO RESEARCH PUBLISHING IDEAS - During the second DVD I will explain the secrets and formula that I use in order to create products that I know will sell. I use a tried and tested method that has allowed me to continually generate HIGH END profits, day in, day out! Once you learn and understand the formula the rest, as they say, is easy...


HOW TO CREATE YOUR INFORMATION PRODUCTS - During the third DVD disc I will teach you the different options that you can use in order to create information products. Without wishing to blow my own trumpet, this is what I am VERY GOOD AT. With me as your mentor you cannot fail. Simply follow my tips and advice and you will be soon generating a fantastic income.

PRODUCT DESIGNS AND TITLES - I am a great believer that your product design and title is half the battle. If you get these right, your product will sell. Get them wrong and it does not matter how good your information is, it simply will not sell.

I will provide you with example case studies to demonstrate how effective I am at making this part REALLY work to my advantage.

HOW TO REGISTER AS A PUBLISHER - During the 5th DVD I will talk about how you can set up a publishing business. There is a very good reason why you should do this. Basically, once you set up as a publisher you will be opening yourself up to many different sales channels. I have created my wealth through selling with 7 different sales channels. I will teach you wall of them within this DVD.

HOW TO SELL YOUR INFORMATION PRODUCTS - It is pointless creating an information product is you do not know how to sell it. During disc 6 I will show you how to sell your products in order to create HUGE profits.

Every year I generate 6 figure net profits and within this DVD I will show you how that is easily achievable.

So, just to recap... When you attend the 1-Day seminar on How To Make A Fortune On Amazon, you will receive a total of 12 FREE bonus DVD's!

If you have ever wanted to make money then I URGE YOU TO ATTEND THIS SEMINAR. I will coach and mentor you. I will share with you my secrets and I will also provide you with unprecedented strategies and tips on how to make a FORTUNE ON AMAZON.

I am so confident that you will benefit massively from the seminar that I am willing to offer you this very important guarantee. If by lunchtime on the day of the course you feel that it is not for you then you can leave for a full refund. I am that confident you will find my seminar a truly empowering and enlightening experience.

Order the DVD set now, which contains the entire days recent filming, by clicking the ADD TO CART button below.


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The DVD set includes the 12 FREE Bonuses!

Order the DVD of the event for just £197 plus vat. The DVD set includes the 12 FREE bonuses too!


Listen to some of the AMAZING feedback I received:

The DVD set is now IN STOCK and AVAILABLE FOR ORDER and contains up-to-date information for 2012!

Q. I have no experience of either making or selling products online or otherwise. Is the course set still for me?

A. Absolutely yes! I started out with no knowledge whatsoever and I learnt the hard way. During the course I will teach you the EASY way. I will show you how to start from scratch including how to research markets, how to choose the right market and how to get set up for free on Amazon.

Q. Will it be you who teaches on the course or someone else?

A. It will be ME for the entire course and nobody else.

Q. Sum up in one sentence how the course will benefit me?

A. You will learn how to make huge sums of money on Amazon by either creating and selling your own products or by selling other peoples products as an affiliate.

Q. Are you serious when you say that anyone can do it?

A. Yes, I am serious. This course is only for people who REALLY want to become successful. One of my greatest assets is my drive and determination to succeed. During the course I will share with you some of the strategies that I use in order to stay motivated, driven and on-target to achieve over £1,000 EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!